Wedding Day Planning Guide By McMasters Photography

After nearly a year of writing and designing… I am proud to announce my best attempt to help you understand the nuances of planning your wedding day!  I decided to write this because we answer a lot of questions about how a wedding day typically unfolds, and if you read this you will be much better prepared to meet with us.  But this isn’t just for our clients…ANYONE who is getting married should read this guide; from couples just starting to look at photographers to couples putting the final touches on their wedding schedules.

The Wedding Day Planning Guide is an 18 page downloadable PDF complete with pictures, ideas, notes and four real life wedding examples designed to help you put together your wedding day.  Some of what I talk about is specific to how we like to work but most of the content is applicable to anyone who is planning a wedding.  We will be sharing this to all of our current wedding clients, potential wedding clients and anyone that would like a comprehensive guide on scheduling a wedding.  I recommend reading it on an iPad or downloading it since it’s not a 5 minute read:)  I hope you are able to take something away from this guide.   Please feel free to provide feedback or any suggestions you might have to improve upon this guide.  I’m already thinking about the second version!

Just click below and you can download the PDF for free!
Wedding Day Planning Guide

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