Open Booth:
The open booth is a self contained stand alone setup (it almost looks like a robot) that has no curtains or hidden area where the photos are taken.  This enables the booth to be placed virtually anywhere because it only takes up the space of an averaged size person while standing.  There is really no limit to how many people can fit in each photo so long as there is enough space in the venue to work with.  With the open booth you can either use a wall at your venue to get truly unique backgrounds or we can setup a standard white/black/gray background.  You also have the option of using digital backgrounds with a green screen.  The open booth can be setup to take photos with the guests sitting or standing.

Closed Booth:
The closed booth is similar to the open booth however it has a curtain surrounding it so that your guests have privacy to take photos.  The closed photo booth can only fit around 3-6 people since it is a smaller area inside the booth.  With the closed booth you do not have the option of using a unique wall at your venue for the background.  The closed booth can also be setup to take photos with the guests sitting or standing.

Who Runs The Booth?
Included with every PhotoBooth collection is a dedicated attendant that will arrive on time to setup the booth and ensure that everything runs smoothly.  For our current and future wedding clients this means that in addition to 2 photographers capturing your wedding day there will be another person running the PhotoBooth.

When Do We Get the Prints?
Each photo is printed with a professional dye sublimation printer right there on the spot.  We invested in a high quality printer that can keep up with the fast pace of weddings and events.

What Kind Of Prints Do You Offer?
Included with all of the PhotoBooth collections are the option of 2×6 filmstrips or single 4×6 photos.  5×7 and 6×8 print sizes are available as an upgrade.

Can You Customize the Prints?
Absolutely! We work with you the same way that we create our wedding albums to design a custom print layout that your guests will love.  We can customize the whole on screen experience for your guests to make it personalized to your event.

How Many Prints Do We Get?
Unlimited.  We can set the printer to make prints for everyone in the booth or we can print one and reprint any if your guests would like us to.  There is no limit to how many photos taken or prints made during the time that the booth is open.

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