The Olde Bar Wedding | Corinne & Tim

Corinne & Tim’s downtown Philadelphia wedding at The Olde Bar was one for the books. There was definitely something big and strong between these two, you could just tell in the energy & excitement. Their choice in places for this all to go down were exquisite. The ceremony was held in The Shambles, near South Street. It was a romantic setting for these two to give their comical vows and be serenaded by their groomsmen. We ventured over to 4th & Chestnut in the gardens to photograph the wedding party and each with their respective crew. Then it happened, thunder, lighting, wind, it all struck down at once, leaving Matt, myself, Corinne & Tim under an awning waiting for it to pass. As soon as it did we made a break for it back to the Sheraton. Just one block over was The Olde Bar, a dim booth lined bar with a nautical theme and cuisine. At night we took some images in the brilliant red booth and outside highlighting the venues entrance.

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