Ben Franklin Bridge Engagement Session | Joy & Gene

Our engagement session with Joy & Gene was filled with danger, authority figures, and passion!  We had three separate officers/rangers/security guards come up to us and tell us for one reason or another we couldn’t take pictures… But we still got our shots;)

We met at Franklin Square right by the Ben Franklin Bridge, however before we could really do anything a security guard came up and told us we needed a permit to be there!  I had never heard of that before but we walked around Franklin Square getting some shots along the way until Joy eyed 6th street… a very busy intersection where cars get on the Ben Franklin Bridge.. Then she said “Would it be a bad idea if we ran across the street in traffic and you took pictures?”  I thought it over and decided that if we waited for all the cars to go I could get shots of them running across the street without being in too much danger.  Please view that photo below;)

Then once we were across the street we realized that we could get right down to where the cars go on the Ben Franklin Bridge.  We grabbed a few quick shots and escaped almost in time to miss an officer who told us we couldn’t go down there.  But we already got our shots.. ha.

Then we headed over to the Race Street Pier to finish up the evening.  There a security guard told us we couldn’t stand up in the raised bed with the plants!  But he didn’t want us up there because apparently there are ‘Spiders that are coming out in 15 minutes.”  After that we were content to photograph in lawful places around Race Street Pier.  Although I was kinda hoping Joy & Gene were going to swim to New Jersey;)  Just kidding I really don’t want to see such cool people get run over by a tug boat..

Joy & Gene were fantastic to work with despite that fact that they both live out of state, in separate states, and are only back in Philly for a few days!  I hope you guys had as much fun as Maureen and I.  So we escaped with no tickets, citations, injuries or fatalities… A good days work.  Enjoy your pictures!

Ben Franklin Bridge Engagement sessionBen Franklin Bridge Engagement sessionBen Franklin Bridge Engagement sessionBen Franklin Bridge Engagement session

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